Irish man who smuggled rhino horn from Miami to London sentenced to 14 months in Florida prison


Two men sentenced for illegally exporting carved ivory fans - Met Police

Forces join together to tackle hare coursing

Poachers in North Yorkshire warned as police step up rural crime operation

Wildlife enforcement networks from around the world meet to further strengthen collaborative efforts against wildlife crime

Gin trap found in sand dunes at South Wales nature reserve

Scottish gamekeeper who killed protected birds of prey avoids jail

Spalding illegal ivory trader faces jail

Monkey skulls found in Devon police raid

Endangered Species Operation - arrests in West Yorkshire

Four Hartlepool men sentenced for interfering with a badger sett and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog

Police caution two men for trapping goldfinches in North Yorkshire

Man 'glorified' hare coursing as he filmed his dogs chasing and savaging the animals on his phone

Operation Thunderball: Organised crime hit hard by joint WCO-INTERPOL global enforcement operation

More than 100 pearl mussels poached from Sutherland river

NWCU and Europol meet to combat illegal trade in eels

Gamekeeper convicted of animal cruelty has been allowed to continue keeping dogs

North Yorkshire Police officer takes on national badger protection role

NWCU launch 'Undisturbed' – a social media initiative to raise awareness for wildlife photographers and drone users of their responsibilities to wildlife

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For the public

The NWCU assists police forces in wildlife crime investigation. We are also the conduit between police forces and PAW partners. We are not able to provide a direct contact point for the public.

If you have any information relating to Wildlife related criminal activities please contact your local police force. Click here to find your local Police Force.

Should you wish to report a crime anonymously please contact Crime Stoppers.

For Police

Members of the police can use the form below to request NWCU contact details to be sent to you via email. Please note, this form will only send to verified police email addresses.

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For media enquiries

The NWCU does not have a Press Officer.  For enquiries regarding specific press releases, please contact the Law Enforcement Agency who led the investigation.  The NWCU does not currently have the capacity to engage with any media outlet regarding involvement in filming for any TV series or documentary.