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Priority Delivery Groups

The National Intelligence Model (NIM) takes an intelligence led, problem solving approach to crime and disorder. It promotes partnership working and uses the management of information and intelligence to operate at all levels of policing.

On behalf of the United Kingdom (UK) and devolved UK Governments the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), through a high level group known as the UK Tasking & Coordinating Group (UK TCG), produces intelligence products which include a UK Strategic Assessment on wildlife crime and from which wildlife crime priorities are agreed.

The UK TCG can review and amend the priorities at any time, but they are formally reviewed every second year (2011, 2013, etc).  Each priority is taken forward via a Priority Delivery Group (PDG). The PDG has a named plan owner, plus a lead for each of the three strands of prevention, intelligence and enforcement. Each group concentrates on the priorities that have been set, however they can also consider emerging trends. Any changes to the priorities must be done through the UK TCG.

The purpose of a UK Priority Delivery Group is to progress the priority in relation to prevention, intelligence and enforcement, including:

  • Setting of SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely)
  • Awareness raising (across law enforcement agencies, partners, stakeholder communities and the public)
  • Raising the profile via media exposure
  • Increase of information sharing
  • Coordination of enforcement activity

Feed into UK TCG and PAW

Each PDG updates the UK Tasking and Coordination Group (TCG) 2x year via a plan owner document. This allows the UK TCG to oversee the activities of the PDG and decide if the PDG is progressing the priority.


Current Priority Delivery Groups [click on a title for more information about each group]

badger41bBadger Persecution Priority Delivery Group

Plan Owner: Insp Kev Kelly (North Yorkshire Police)

Objective: Improve and increase the recording of incidents, crimes and intelligence for Badger Persecution. Improve the investigation process and increase awareness of Badger Persecution across the UK

Prevention Lead: Andy Swinburne (Naturewatch Foundation)

Intelligence Lead: NWCU

Enforcement Lead(s): PC Caroline Newsome (West Yorkshire Police) & Geoff Edmunds (RSPCA)

sopranopipistrellebat16dBat Persecution Priority Delivery Group

Plan Owner: Sgt Shaun Doble (Dyfed Powys Police)

Objective: To reduce bat crime by: ~ working with key stakeholders to raise awareness of responsibilities and criminal offences against bats, promoting a preventative approach and improving the submission of intelligence and standards of investigation relating to bats across the UK

Prevention Lead: Pete Charleston (BCT)

Intelligence Lead: NWCU

Enforcement Lead: Pete Charleston (BCT)

tortoiseCITES Priority Delivery Group

Current priorities of European Eel; Illegal Trade in Raptors; Ivory; Reptiles; Rhino Horn, Stony Coral, Timber and Traditional Medicines, Herbal & Health Supplements

Plan Owner: Liz Down (Border Force)

Objective: Increase the number of disruption activities and detections of illegal trade in CITES priority species by: Increasing the amount of targeted compliance activity, increasing the number of intelligence submissions and intelligence products produced, improve the quality of analytical assessments and complete in agreed time-scales, and increase the number of investigations and enforcement outcomes

Prevention Lead: APHA & Sarah Bailey (Met Police)

Intelligence Lead: NWCU

Enforcement Lead: Guy Clarke (Border Force) & Sgt Rab More (Police Scotland)

Cyber Enabled Wildlife Crime

Plan Owner: Ch Insp Lou Hubble (NWCU)

Objective: To facilitate collaboration between enforcement agencies, government departments, non-government organisations and civil society organisations to deliver a joined up, cohesive, pro-active approach to identifying and tackling cyber enabled wildlife crime. 

Prevention Lead: David Cowdrey (IFAW)

Intelligence Lead: NWCU

Enforcement Lead: Sgt Tom Carter (Sussex Police)

freshwaterpearlmussel9280LCampbell-aFreshwater Pearl Mussel Priority Delivery Group

Plan Owner: Iain Sime (SNH)

Objective: Raise awareness of criminality affecting freshwater pearl mussels in order to facilitate intelligence and incident reporting, leading to increased prevention and enforcement action

Prevention Lead: Ben Ross (SNH)

Intelligence Lead: PC Charlie Everitt (NWCU)

Enforcement Lead: Sgt Rab More (Police Scotland)

Poaching Priority Delivery Group

(Deer Poaching/Coursing, Fish Poaching and Hare Coursing)

Plan Owner(s): John Bruce (British Deer Society) (Scotland); Glynn Evans (BASC) (England & Wales)

Objective: To build a greater level of public awareness of poaching and coursing as serious wildlife crime, to continue to build working relations, communications and information share between all agencies and organisations and rural communities in order to increase prevention activity and enforcement (Scotland).

Objective: To increase the level of awareness of poaching and hare coursing as serious wildlife crimes and build better trust and relationships between the law enforcement agencies and local communities, both leading to increased prevention activity, intelligence flows and enforcement success (England & Wales).

Prevention Lead(s): Colin Sheddon (BASC) (Scotland);
PC Tom Carter (Sussex) (England & Wales)

Intelligence Lead: PC Charlie Everitt (NWCU) (Scotland);
NWCU (England & Wales)

Enforcement Lead(s): Sgt Rab More (Police Scotland) (Scotland);
PC Nick Willey (Lincolnshire) (England & Wales)

Eagle - close up - raptor - bird of preyRaptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group

(including poisoning, egg theft, chick theft, taking from the wild and nest disturbance/destruction and to concentrate on golden eagle, goshawk, hen harrier, peregrine, red kite and white-tailed eagle)

Plan Owner(s): Supt Nick Lyall (England & Wales); Det Ch Supt Gary Cunningham (Scotland)

Objective: Raise community trust and awareness to facilitate intelligence and incident reporting, leading to increased prevention and enforcement activity relating to Raptor Persecution

Prevention Lead(s): Des Thompson (SNH) (Scotland) & Natural England (England & Wales)

Intelligence Lead: NWCU

Enforcement Lead(s): Sgt Rab More (Police Scotland) (Scotland);
TBC (England & Wales)