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National Police Wildlife Crime Officers Training Course:seo-training

The course is delivered and managed by two retired police officers and is the only course of its kind within the UK.

The week long course is accredited through PAW and is seen by many police forces as best practice.

The content includes:

  • NWCU
  • Wild Birds
  • Poisoning and pesticides
  • Protected species
  • Bats
  • Badgers
  • Hunting
  • Poaching
  • Traps
  • Plants
  • Cruel sports
  • Health and safety issues

The course is run out of the Yarnfield Conference Centre, near Stafford.

The course cost is £800.00, which includes all meals and accommodation (Rates for day delegates can be quoted).

For further details please contact:
Craig Fellowes, Wildlife Training Consultancy


CITES Training Course:

For more information contact: Craig Fellowes, Wildlife Training Consultancy:


One day wildlife crime awareness course

Following on from demand, Craig Fellowes has developed a one day wildlife crime awareness package, which he has taken out to some local policing teams. It can be tailored to any requirements. Further details can be obtained through Craig.


Badger Awareness Training Module

To support the Badger Persecution Priority Delivery Group, and working in partnership with the Badger Trust, a one day module on the persecution of badgers has been developed, which is being offered to every police force in England & Wales. It’s being launched during Badger Week beginning the 26th June 2016.

The Aim;
‘To equip police staff with the ability to undertake investigations in relation to the issues and criminal offences that badgers face in the UK’

It will cover areas key to assisting with investigations, badger ecology, sett identification, legislation, case law, expert witnesses, crime scenes, partnerships, development, and current trends, and methods.
It’s open to all police staff.

This training is being offered to every police force across England & Wales at no charge for the trainer’s attendance, and delivery. However each force will be expected to supply a suitable facility, and maybe a cup of coffee for the trainer.

For further details then please get in contact with Craig Fellowes: