In 2018, an application was made to North East Derbyshire District Council by a local developer to demolish an existing bungalow in Amber Lane, Ashover and, in its place, build a new dwelling.

An ecologist’s survey identified a group of pipistrelle bats, the most common species of bat in the British Isles, living in the old building.

This meant that measures to protect the bats would be needed before any demolition work.

Despite the concerns of the planning authority, the developer went ahead and demolished the old bungalow, replacing it with a new house.

A spokesperson for the Rural Crime Team said: “Interviews followed with the developer and a second person, and charges contrary to regulation 43(1)(d) and (8) of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 soon followed. Having indicated a not guilty plea, preparations for a trial were made. However, a guilty plea was entered by both on the day (19th November 2019). The court accepted their pleas and sentenced them to a conditional discharge for 12 months.”

Source: Derbyshire Live

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